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Southern New England Healthcare Organization

A clinically integrated network focused on population health.

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Our Mission

Guided by its physician-forward ownership and governance model, SoNE HEALTH empowers the sustainability and growth of providers to optimize health outcomes.

Our Vision

SoNE HEALTH envisions a high-quality, people-centered, equitable, and accessible healthcare delivery model that provides exceptional health outcomes for all individuals.

Our Values

Empathy: We approach our work with humanity and a concern for all individuals.
Collaborative: We understand the impact of our work is greater when conducted with a spirit of collaboration.
Honor: Through our work and in our interactions, we act with courtesy, respect, and dignity.
Inclusive: We respect and honor the unique qualities of each individual and seek to improve the health and well-being for all of whom we serve.
Safety: We embrace a culture that prevents harm, nurtures healing, and fosters a safe environment for all.

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