Hearing the Voice of those Who Wish to be Heard

By: Maria Holmes, BA, INHC, CHW, Community Healthcare Coach We may pass by and see them with signs on the street or at the intersection as we wait for the traffic light to change. Do we turn our heads and look down? Do we judge? Or maybe we give a little, wondering if that was […]

Healthcare Evolution – The Race is On

By: Lisa Farren, Director, Marketing and Communications Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, is known for saying, “The only constant in life is change.” His words continue to ring true. As time marches on, things change. Adapting to the changes is necessary for survival. Healthcare as an industry is no different. Since the first third of the […]

Semantic Interoperability & Value-Based Care

By: Renee Broadbent, MBA, CCSFP, Chief Information Officer at SoNE HEALTH The need for value-based care in today’s healthcare environment is clear: one in three Medicare beneficiaries has four or more chronic conditions and 6% of patients represent 75% of healthcare costs in the United States (1).  The shift to value-based care is accelerating and […]

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month!

Early Detection is Key! By: Tracy Reily, MLS, Manager of Quality & Performance During a recent appointment with my primary care physician (PCP), the doctor informed me that it was time for me to start screening for colorectal cancer (CRC). Due to the rising incidence of early-onset CRC cases, the age for this screening was […]

Hack on Change Healthcare

By: Patrick McGroarty, Clinical Business Analyst In recent weeks, the healthcare community has faced a sudden cyberattack targeted at Change Healthcare. Change Healthcare is an entity of UnitedHealth responsible for processing billions of healthcare transactions annually between patients, payers, and providers. The business is also responsible for streamlining administrative and financial processes within the healthcare […]

Ambient Listening

By: George Beauregard, DO – Chief Population Health Officer and Renee Broadbent, MBA, CCFSP – Chief Information Officer & Information Security Officer The burden of documentation in the electronic medical record is a source of great frustration for physicians. New technologies to reduce this burden are emerging. Ambient voice technology (also called ambient listening) refers […]

Why Digital Health Is Important for Healthcare

  By: Renee Broadbent, MBA, CCSFP Chief Information Officer & Information Security Officer Digital health is important for healthcare for several reasons. First and foremost, it offers the potential to improve patient outcomes and enhance the overall quality of care. By leveraging technology, healthcare providers can collect and analyze vast amounts of data, leading to […]

Housing Crisis of Springfield

Written collaboratively by Mary Crosby, Keisha Mojica, and Kiara Vazquez, Community Health Workers at SoNE HEALTH As a team of Community Health Workers that serve the Greater Springfield population, SoNE HEALTH provides support and resources to the Massachusetts Medicaid population. Support includes assisting patients with completing applications for state-funded housing, food assistance applications, utility assistance […]

COPD: Healthy for the Holidays

By: Annmarie Barlett-Rattell, RN, BSN RN Care Manager ‘Tis the season for respiratory illnesses and a good time to discuss COPD. COPD is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States after heart disease, cancer, and unintentional injury. Over 16 million people have been diagnosed with COPD, and millions more remain undiagnosed! Risk […]

A Quality Collaboration: Working Together to Deliver High-Value Care

By: John Sunde, VP, Payor Partnerships at SoNE HEALTH, and Laurel Pickering, MPH, Director, Strategic Growth Development at Centivo Employers are once again grappling with the high price of healthcare, reeling from rising renewals that have no reflection on the quality of their employees’ care. And whether companies shift costs to employees or take on […]