Healthcare Crash? Where is Houston?

As a nation our healthcare system is just a few short years away from several converging catastrophes slated to touch us all in terms of how we receive care and the price tag associated with said care.

Lisa Trumble, President and CEO at SoNE HEALTH, recently authored a piece for the Moving to Value Alliance. In her article Ms. Trumble highlights staggering statistics all healthcare consumers and stakeholders need to understand. Sharing her extensive expertise working in the Value-Based Care (VBC) arena she provides a clear explanation of VBC: what it is, why it is so critical now more than ever, its potential to transform healthcare and the role we each have to play toward healthcare transformation. 


I typically start a new year feeling more positive about what we can achieve in healthcare, only to reach December feeling that progress hasn’t occurred. Then in January, I look at what the influencers, pundits, and soothsayers have to say about the coming year and think, are we on the same planet? So, let us talk about where we are and why the status quo, dabbling, and tweaking of healthcare around the edges won’t work.

I’m not sure if you noticed, but we (those working in the industry) manage a crisis that sometimes feels like a ride on the Titanic. If you don’t believe this statement, here is an astounding number for you…

47% of healthcare workers are planning to leave their jobs by 2025, according to a Forbes survey.

Seems like a lot! However, I must admit that I have considered my circumstances and thought that 2025 is when I throw in the towel. I know I’m not alone. Spending over 30 years fighting the same battles and issues in healthcare and the undercurrents of healthcare reform, you cannot help but feel that there must be something better.

As gloomy as this sounds, I do have hope! The hope is that change will happen, and Value-Based Care and the Consolidated Appropriations Act can provide the paths we need to change the industry materially.

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