Steven Melinosky

Steven Melinosky joined SoNE HEALTH in May 2024 as Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer to lead the organization’s compliance and privacy programs including identifying and addressing compliance concerns and in upholding the mission and vision statements, and core values.

Steven’s wealth of knowledge and experience includes being Certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC) and Certified in Healthcare Privacy Compliance (CHPC). His career has included seven years of civil legal experience, working in healthcare quality as a data analyst at Bristol Health, where he developed a passion for compliance and privacy.

Prior to joining SoNE, Steven served as a compliance manager at Saint Francis Hospital, as Director for the Trinity Health Of New England Medical Group, and a regional director for all hospital sites in Trinity Health Of New England. Additionally, Steven was appointed Privacy Officer for Trinity Health, overseeing privacy operations for medical groups across the country. He has been published in Compliance Today® magazine and is recognized as an industry leader in mitigating conflicts of interest.

Steven’s impressive career has focused on ethics (doing what is right), compliance (doing what we must), and integrity (doing what we say we will do). In his words, “I am passionate about compliance and have a strong ethical compass. I enjoy finding creative paths to compliance, and I do not hesitate to speak up if something doesn’t feel right.”

Steven earned his MBA from Western Governor’s University and his B.S. from Charter Oak State College. In his spare time, Steven enjoys learning guitar and foreign languages, traveling, exercising, and hiking.