Friday, March 15, 2024, SoNE HEALTH President and CEO, Lisa Trumble, MBA was invited to speak during the press conference with Senator Blumenthal to acknowledge the devastating impact of the Change Healthcare Breach on independent physicians and the advanced practitioner community. During the press conference, Lisa emphasized the following:

“Independent providers are small businesses that contribute to our community in many ways. They have fewer resources available to weather a disruption of this magnitude. They have fewer resources available to provide services to patients when things go wrong. In situations that endanger the viability of independent providers, we must make that a top priority.  When a small group of entities have significant control over crucial infrastructure the consequences of failure are extensive. As a result, it is necessary to respond with a level of action that is equal to, or greater than, the harm caused and I would say that that hasn’t occurred to date. We would request that this be considered strongly: that modifications to the treatment of independent providers are part of this process and also included in any legislation.”  

To view the full version of the press conference: CT-N Press Conference