It’s finally happened. After years of speculating what an employee complaint against an employer for breach of fiduciary duty would look like, it has arrived. And this one doesn’t disappoint. Johnson & Johnson is being sued by its employees, alleging that their health plan overpaid for prescription drugs, costing workers money. This suit touches on ALL the many issues that we’ve been focusing on, including the fiduciary duty to act only in the best interest of plan beneficiaries, the adequacy of and potential bias involving the way health services are procured, agent/broker responsibilities and conflicts, the games that are played by PBMs to heavily markup drugs … and the glaring lack of diligence and accountability around these prices.

This isn’t just about one company’s missteps — it’s a wake-up call, folks. Countless similar cases are queuing up in its wake. It’s time to pay attention and it’s time to have a plan.

This episode features:

Josh Golden, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Capital RX
Jeffrey Hogan, MTVA Founding Board Member & President, Upside Health Advisors
John Rodis, MD, President, MTVA and Founder and President, Arista Health, LLC
Lisa Trumble, MTVA Board Member & President and Chief Executive Officer, SoNE HEALTH
Steve Schutzer, MD, MTVA Founding Board Member & Co-Founder, Upswing Health

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