Post-Acute Performance Team Members

Our Post-Acute Care Team supports patients admitted to our preferred Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) as well as patients in transition from the SNF setting to home. We work in collaboration, coordination and provide enhanced communication with our preferred network, patients, caregivers, and community partners. Our goal is to improve quality of care, patient experience and lower the cost of care for our communities.

William Boyce

William Boyce, MSN, RN

Post-Acute Care  Director

  • Over 25 years in healthcare
  • My expertise encompasses Care Coordination, Transitional Care, and Specialty Care Program Development in post-acute environments.
  • I’m passionate about my work and believe my mission is to support quality care through enhanced care delivery; patient and caregiver education, satisfaction & advocacy while reducing cost and managing the length of stay for the best quality outcomes possible.
Debra Swicklas, LPN

Debra Swicklas, LPN

Post-Acute Care Continuum Specialist, MA Region

  • Over 27 Years in Healthcare
  • SoNE HEALTH since 2020
  • Passionate about helping others, especially the elderly population. I am happiest when I feel that I am making a difference in people’s lives.

Emerald Hall, LPN

Post-Acute Care Continuum Specialist, CT Region

  • SoNE HEALTH since 2017
Kristine Caruso, LPN

Kristine Caruso, LPN

Post-Acute Care Continuum Specialist, CT Region

  • SoNE HEALTH since 2019