SoNE HEALTH, Region’s Leader in Value-Based Healthcare Transitions to Wholly-Owned and Wholly-Governed Physician Entity

Physician-Forward Ownership Model to Drive Patient Satisfaction, Improved Clinical Outcomes, and Positive Financial Performance

WINDSOR, CONN. – January 2024 – Effective January 1, 2024, Southern New England Healthcare (SoNE HEALTH) transitioned to a wholly-owned and wholly-governed physician entity. At its annual shareholder meeting, SoNE HEALTH, the area’s recognized leader in value-based care announced the new ownership and governance structure.

The new model – built for physicians, by physicians – is structured to nurture a strong physician-patient relationship. In the words of Anthony Posteraro III, MD, Chair of the SoNE HEALTH Board of Directors. “Nothing is more important to us than the health of our patients, and nothing matters more to patients than their physician relationship. Our new strategic direction will enable physicians to provide our patients with the right care at the right time for the right reasons. With patients and physicians deciding together on care, the end results will be better outcomes, higher quality, lower costs, and higher patient satisfaction.”

With the many mergers and acquisitions occurring in the healthcare sector, SoNE HEALTH represents a unique model empowering physicians with tools and resources designed to allow for independence and sustainability while driving healthcare innovation as they see most appropriate for their patients.

“This is a time of dynamic change in healthcare,” said Lisa Trumble, SoNE HEALTH President and Chief Executive Officer. “As trusted stewards of optimal health for over 20 years, SoNE HEALTH is better positioned more than ever before to deliver enhanced patient care, clinical experiences, improved cost and quality, while optimizing the provision of care so that physicians and our patients can decide on healthcare needs together.”

“We have stood the test of time, and we are laser-focused on improving health outcomes, increasing quality for our patients, and reducing costs. We could not be more energized for the year ahead.”

SoNE HEALTH offers an enhanced value proposition thoughtfully and intentionally designed for physicians, those closest to the patients and their care. “We seek—and value—the physician’s voice. The trust and accountability we have built for over 20 years as a physician-driven organization continues to draw physicians to our organization. Our physician shareholders and members are actively involved in all clinical and governance structures to ensure that clinical leadership is represented in all decision-making across the network and organization,” Posteraro stated.

SoNE HEALTH’s innovative, collaborative approach is a commitment to partnering with physicians in patient care to enable adaptability, sustainability, and continual quality improvement while ensuring the most efficient management of clinical and financial resources. SoNE is committed to providing the necessary resources to support physicians’ independence and sustainability. SoNE’s comprehensive suite of services include credentialing, contracting, population health management, and quality data coordination. These are just some of the areas in which physicians can rely for support as members of the SoNE HEALTH network, allowing SoNE providers time to focus on what matters most, caring for patients.

“Looking forward, our new strategic direction will provide us with a greater scale to help power our physician-owned and governed healthcare system and optimize our focus on healthcare delivery,” Trumble said.