The KeyArx Group

The KeyArx Group

Working with The Keyarx Group was (and continues to be) an outstanding experience.  Paul Cella and his team have managed to implement great income protection/insurance design ideas, provide professional services and recommendations. Paul has a positive can-do attitude and thrives when challenges come his way.  He truly listens to his client to deliver products that make sense.  Based on his reliability and consistency in delivering results, I can confidently and highly recommend Paul to any of SoNE network members.

Susan D. Albano, Chief Executive Officer

Prime HealthCare, PC

The KeyArx Group is a boutique firm with a national reach working within the healthcare market. KeyArx focuses on physician groups, multi-state practices, associations, IPA’s, GPO’s and hospitals.

  • Special Pricing & Contract Provisions for SoNE Members
    KeyArx’s national physician block of business and SoNE HEALTH’s large population base  has secured SoNE members special pricing and contract provisions for group and long-term disability program. Not typically available to individual or smaller groups, this valuable benefit gives each medical practice the ability to custom design a program to meet their specific needs.
  • Known as The Intelligent Cost Reduction Company
    KeyArx’s key to success is its coordination abilities, understanding no one person/doctor can do everything. KeyArx has aligned with best-in-class specialists (i.e. Campbell Petrie) to design, develop, implement, and manage a range of integrated insurance products and services.