Physician’s Insurance Solutions

Physician's Insurance Solutions

“I was introduced to Seth in 1993, when I fresh out of college managing a small physician practice.  Seth has managed my personal disability policy since then.  His knowledge of the disability market and ability to meet his clients’ needs is first-rate.  When asked by one of my physicians today for a disability professional referral, Seth Kalkstein and Physician’s Insurance Solutions is my immediate response.”

Bill Witkowsky

Chief Operating Officer Woodland Anesthesiology Associates, PC

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Seth since I started practice in 2008.  Our practice has always depended on him for his sage advice and has used him for all of our insurance needs. He is calm, reliable and clearly expert in what he does. Seth truly takes the time to know his clients and understands their needs.  I would highly recommend his services to any physician practice.”


Ari Geller, MD

Greater Hartford Nephrology

“I have known Seth for almost 5 years, and I have only positive experiences to share. He is very responsive and always there when you need him. He helped me and all my partners with our life, disability, and other insurance needs. He is expert in his trade, and I will highly recommend him!”

Khuram Ghumman, MD

East Granby Family Practice

“People have a misconception that you don’t need expert advice on disability…until you do. 

Seth and Paul have guided our group through some difficult situations, always providing skilled advice and doing the right thing for the client. 

They are two of the most reliable, knowledgeable insurance professionals I have worked with over the last 25 years. 

You don’t want to be in a difficult situation and not have the expertise they provide behind you.”


Susan Carluccio Link, COO, CFO

Collins Medical Associates 2, P.C.
Services Include:

Individual Disability Income Protection   

Business Disability Planning (Overhead Expense / Disability Buy-Sell Funding / Key Person Planning)

Group Long Term Disability Planning

Long Term Care Insurance Planning

Life Insurance Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Retirement Planning

Physician’s Insurance Solutions is a local practice dedicated to customizing Disability Income protection solutions for our physician and medical practice clients. 

We work with every disability insurance carrier and design solutions that offer the best contract language and designs so that if something bad were to happen, you are prepared. 

We are happy to work with SoNE HEALTH and it’s members and our current clients include:

Existing Clients Include:

  •    Collins Medical Associates 2, P.C.
  •     Greater Hartford Nephrology
  •     East Granby Family Practice

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